Welcome to Beerfox!

Posted by Mike Perdue on

Finally! Our own web shop/site after 6 years. A HUGE tip of the hat to our Aussie friend, Marcus, without whom, as the saying goes, we would still be in the dust by the side of the road.

We will use this space to introduce new beers, our breweries, discuss styles, talk about trends past and future, pub life(remember??), beer fests, and what seems relevant for the moment.

A bit on our history in the next post, and as it looks, some new beers from Stateside perhaps even this week!

To finish out this post, one more "special thanks" is in store for my partner, Ieva Andersone. She has put up with my chaotic lifestyle, taken all the "real" photos and been the A-1 support team of this endeavor from Day 1 way back in 2014.

What a trip!



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