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If you've been in Beerfox, and been a regular since our opening way back in December, 2014, you may have noticed the shelf next to our fridge has always "belonged" to beers from Amager.

Amager Bryghus has been making great beer since 2007, which, in craft beer-making history timelines is something akin to the retreat of the glacial icecaps! 

The early beers were so good in fact, that they were exporting to the USA already in 2008. A beer named Hr. Fredriksen(made in honor of a supporting friend of the brewery) was named as a Ratebeer Top-50 Beer in the World. More success followed but always in the original Amager fashion, slowly and organically.

The creativity and innovation, the friendly collaborations with brewers from around the world, the use of loads of hops(Wookie IPA being their first-ever collab with Port Brewing of California), an ever-expanding barrel aging program...some reasons why Amager has been named Ratebeer Top-100 Brewery in the World for a stunning 12 consecutive years. 

And what is the Beerfox connection with Amager Bryghus? It goes back to early 2009 when I took a job as "assistant beer jockey" at Beertopia in Omaha, Nebraska. One of the earliest(if not THE first) shipments from the Shelton Bros. importers of Amager and others had hit our shelves. As our job entailed getting to know our 700+ beers, we needed to taste. The Amager stood out, and as I and my co-workers had the enviable position of offering suggestions to discriminating customers, found ourselves earning "kudos" for these rich-flavored beers. It was a great feeling to be surrounded by the fruits of the labors of far-flung breweries, and the allure of working with Amager stuck with me.

So, wanting a "flagship" brewery for our shop in Riga, I had no doubts in my mind of whom I wanted. The connections were made, terms understood and finalised and our 1st pallet arrived. 6+ years later and we have never looked back.

On average we stock anywhere from 30-50 Amager Bryghus beers, in our bar next door, Amager features regularly on our 10-tap line. The 1st keg to "sell out"in the bar was, fittingly, a collaboration with Crooked Stave, "Chad, King of the Wild Yeasts" a brett-farmhouse pale ale. In April 2017, Mr. Henrik Papsoe graciously came to Riga to help "kick off" our new bar, and again in 2019 returned to highlight and serve beer at the inaugural Riga Pours beer fest.

Within the last couple years, Amager has moved brew sites from the old bomb-shelter to an upgraded quaint cement bunker even closer to the airport. Retiring the old half liter bottles for .330 bottles, recently a new canning line has been installed and a growing variety of beers are now in bright, art-forward .440 cans.

In an increasingly crowded field of better beers 'ŗound the world, our choices are vast. Here at Beerfox, we feel confident in our brewery partners. None give us more confidence in customer satisfaction than Amager Bryghus. 

Thanks to all the good folks there in Copenhagen and trusting us to get out the goods!




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