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Witty, irreverent, fun-loving and creative. What IS a "Flying Couch?"

It serves 2 important functions. One is a place to crash after a hard day, put your feet up, relax and let new ideas flow. 2nd, that same old couch giving you a wild ride after a night of party fun, you gotta put your feet down to make it stop!

Anyway, way back in 2011, Flying Couch was born. Gipsy brewing for a few years as guests at both Herslev Bryghus and Norrebro Bryghus, 2015 saw the partners, now 4, opened the doors to their own premises in Northwest Copenhagen.

Focusing on quality has led to a steady rise in demand for the beers at home and abroad. 

A broad range of styles includes crisp lagers, India Pale Ale (several!), kveik yeast kettle sours, big, bold double mash Imperial stouts, porters, gose...the list goes on. 

Since adding Flying Couch to the Beerfox stable, customers have been increasingly pleased with returning favorites as well as an increasing number of new beers.

Beerfox put Flying Couch on our radar back in 2015 when we brought 3 beers then made at Herslev/Norrebro. Dude Pale Ale, Phister De Noel Imperial Stout and Douglas spruce pilsner.  We drank a slew of others at Olfestival2015 at the fantastic Lokomotivaerkstedet where stream engines were once repaired for Danish State Railways.  

Expect great things from Flying Couch...we intend to keep limited offerings on draft at Beerfox Artisan Beer Bar in the nearest future!


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